[maemo-developers] dpkg: serious warning: files list .......

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 20 12:14:25 EET 2007
"ext Guillem Jover" <guillem.jover at nokia.com> writes:

> * Why are you using a Pre-Depends?

He is using this pre-depends:

    Pre-Depends: maemo-select-menu-location

This one ultimately comes from the "How to make a package for the
Application Manager" document here:


The maemo-select-menu-location utility is supposed to be used from
maintainer scripts, and I thought that you should pre-depend on
packages providing these utilities in this case.  Not true?

However, the "fire" package doesn't actually call
maemo-select-menu-location as far as I can see, so this pre-depend is

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