[maemo-developers] VMWare appliance maemo and Samba

From: Mike Cowlishaw mfc at acm.org
Date: Tue Feb 20 20:48:29 EET 2007
Very many thanks for setting up a VMWare appliance for maemo!  This allowed
me to compile and run the canonical 'Hello world' example in just a few
hours -- I hadn't run Linux for a few years; it's good to be back :-).

I'm running as a virtual machine on a Windows XP host, and I think the one
think I need before being able to start a serious application port to the
N800 is to be able to share files easily between the virtual machine and the
XP host.  I'm almost there, but not quite:

I installed Samba using the synaptic package install, then used Share
Folders to set a share for my home directory (and also set the workgroup
name for my local network).   All seemed to take, but:

  -- I cannot see any of the Windows machine (or myself) in the Windows
     Network on Ubuntu

  -- from the Windows side, I can see the machine UBUNTU-MAEMO  (so I think
     Samba is running OK) -- but when I try and connect to the share the 
     Password dialog just gets re-presented, as though the user and password
     are wrong.

Any ideas?


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