[maemo-developers] VMWare appliance maemo and Samba

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 20 21:04:29 EET 2007

I use samba/cifs quite a bit, as you are trying to do, with various 
Linux distros running in a VM, both with VMplayer and also with 
Microsoft Windows Veritual PC.

It sounds like somehow you have a file permissions problem on the file 
share that is set up on your Ubuntu distribution.  You can start by 
checking the logs on the Ubuntu distro. If that does not provide the 
answer you might try installing, if it is not already there, and running 
Ethereal on the Ubuntu system to see the packet exchange between the VM 
and the XP host regarding the failed authentication attempt. This may 
tell you something as well.

By the way there is a new version of it that was just released this week 
by Microsoft. Here is a url to the download page for the software


I have not installed it yet because it warns the user that any existing 
VM's should be shut down (i.e. not "saved state") prior to installing 
the upgrade. This is to assure that the VM's will still work after the 
upgrade is completed.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad



mfc at acm.org wrote:
> Very many thanks for setting up a VMWare appliance for maemo!  This allowed
> me to compile and run the canonical 'Hello world' example in just a few
> hours -- I hadn't run Linux for a few years; it's good to be back :-).
> I'm running as a virtual machine on a Windows XP host, and I think the one
> think I need before being able to start a serious application port to the
> N800 is to be able to share files easily between the virtual machine and the
> XP host.  I'm almost there, but not quite:
> I installed Samba using the synaptic package install, then used Share
> Folders to set a share for my home directory (and also set the workgroup
> name for my local network).   All seemed to take, but:
>   -- I cannot see any of the Windows machine (or myself) in the Windows
>      Network on Ubuntu
>   -- from the Windows side, I can see the machine UBUNTU-MAEMO  (so I think
>      Samba is running OK) -- but when I try and connect to the share the 
>      Password dialog just gets re-presented, as though the user and password
>      are wrong.
> Any ideas?
> mfc
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