[maemo-developers] Questions about GUI design on N800

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Thu Feb 22 19:11:54 EET 2007
I am still considering a port to the N800 of an application I wrote.  In
response to a previous posting I learned that there is no port of wxPython
extant.  Because my application needs to run on multiple platforms (at
least Windows in addition to the handheld), I considered this gap serious. 
However, I have since learned that GTK+ and PyGTK have been ported to
Windows, so I can satisfy the multiplatform requirement with either
toolkit.  However, I still have other concerns about GUI design on the N800
that I have not been able to resolve by searching the archive of this mail

1. Is it possible to use the display of the N800 in portrait orientation? 
My application currently runs on a display that is 640x480.  800x480 would
be a big advantage, but I can't figure out how to reorganize my layout for

2. Is it difficult to run an application in full-screen mode so that
controls such as the task navigator and application switcher do not appear?

3. Is it possible to run an application in kiosk mode, such that the
application runs automatically when the N800 boots and is the only thing
that runs?

4. Is it possible to control stand-by mode programmatically?  How does the
N800 decide that the system is idle?  If an application is running and is
updating a progress bar, is that activity sufficient to keep the N800 out
of standby mode?

I would still prefer to stick with wxPython because of my investment in it. 
It's probably impossible to answer this question, but is it likely that
wxPython will eventually be ported?
Jeffrey Barish

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