[maemo-developers] Remotely Nuking a device (was Re: becomeroot once again but with password)

From: mike saunby mike2005 at saunby.net
Date: Sun Feb 25 19:56:47 EET 2007
If it were me I'd probably go for a more ruthless option.

Handheld tries to download two files from an internet site I control,
needn't be my home server.  First file replaces the homepage of the
browser so the new "owner" gets whatever message I've sent.  The
second file, if present, replaces the "time bomb".

The "time bomb" is a script that gets run automatically if the
handheld has been unable to call home for some pre-determined time.
That way if someone nicks your handheld and doesn't let it talk to the
internet it gets nuked anyway.

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