[maemo-developers] OT: Exchanging Europe discount code for MY American discount code

From: Diego Escalante dieguito at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 09:19:20 EET 2007
Hello everybody,

Sorry for the OT, but this list is the most appropiate place to ask
for this I think.

I was lucky enough to get a discount code for an n800, since I'm not
European nor North-American I got a code that I assumed was for Europe
since the email said 'you can use this on $europe_countries'.
Guess what, it looks like it's for USA.

Yesterday I tried to finally buy my n800 since I have a friend
spending some days at Europe, he will obviously come back to Perú
(where I live) and bring the n800 with him.
The problem is that now I have a friend on Europe, a code for USA and
only 5 days to solve this mess.

Possibilities that makes you able to help me :) :
a) You are coming to Peru anytime soon from the USA
b) You moved to USA by the time you received your code it was an
European one and you ended up like me!
c) You own DHL or something similar and basically you can transport
anything from anywhere to anywhere
d) You just want to help :)

So basically if you understood what I said, I need to exchange my
apparently american code for your european code.
If by any reason you can help me with this, I would owe you a nice
postcard :). Note that this is not a futile scam email.

Greetings everyone,

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