[maemo-developers] OT: Exchanging Europe discount code for MY American discount code

From: antikristian antikristian at gmail.com
Date: Fri Feb 23 09:50:49 EET 2007
If you actually have a discount code, I would think that Nokia would be  
happy to exchange it for the correct one. Aren't these codes only for  
ordering online?

On Fri, 23 Feb 2007 08:19:20 +0100, Diego Escalante <dieguito at gmail.com>  

> Hello everybody,
> Sorry for the OT, but this list is the most appropiate place to ask
> for this I think.
> I was lucky enough to get a discount code for an n800, since I'm not
> European nor North-American I got a code that I assumed was for Europe
> since the email said 'you can use this on $europe_countries'.
> Guess what, it looks like it's for USA.
> Yesterday I tried to finally buy my n800 since I have a friend
> spending some days at Europe, he will obviously come back to Perú
> (where I live) and bring the n800 with him.
> The problem is that now I have a friend on Europe, a code for USA and
> only 5 days to solve this mess.
> Possibilities that makes you able to help me :) :
> a) You are coming to Peru anytime soon from the USA
> b) You moved to USA by the time you received your code it was an
> European one and you ended up like me!
> c) You own DHL or something similar and basically you can transport
> anything from anywhere to anywhere
> d) You just want to help :)
> So basically if you understood what I said, I need to exchange my
> apparently american code for your european code.
> If by any reason you can help me with this, I would owe you a nice
> postcard :). Note that this is not a futile scam email.
> Greetings everyone,
> Diego

Kristian Alvestad

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