[maemo-developers] Opera, MiniMo, Epiphany?

From: Iñigo Illán Aranburu kodeport at terra.es
Date: Mon Feb 26 14:41:56 EET 2007
Well, I wasn't talking about Web 2.0 only. There are some more things
that are annoying with Opera. For example:

+ If my girlfriend goes to gmail with my N800 and the browser has some
username/password saved for you, it's imposible for her to autenticate
with her account. 

+ Sometimes Opera gets "stalled" for some extrange reason: You click on
some link and nothing happens until you persist (and I know the system
is catching the click because of the sound)

+ On ebay if I save a password for the overall server it persist on
trying to save my allready saved password. 

+ I don't know if its totally feasible but I would also like Opera to
maintain on screen the part of the html I was reading if I go from
fullscreen to windowed mode and viceversa. 

+ The look-what-you-are-typing-on-a-password-entry-for-a-moment idea is
good, but Opera doesn't seem to support it.

+ I would like to see a totally gtk integrated browser. At least on
OS2006 the fullscreen keyboard doesn't work for writting an email on
gmail. Some other times, the keyboard gets lazy and offers me to enter a
capitalize letter in a middle of a phrase (It didn't happened to me
outside Opera). Also I think it should consume less memory than a
browser with his own toolkit, and in no related topic I would like to
see it on my desktop.

These are little things but makes me feel frustrated with it sometimes.
Also, is good to know there are some improvements coming on flash and


On lun, 2007-02-26 at 08:28 +0200, Quim Gil wrote: 
> On Sun, 2007-02-25 at 17:35 +0100, ext Iñigo Illán Aranburu wrote:
> > many people are just frustrated about the browsing experience
> This is a known problem and we are working on it. Ari Jaaksi provided
> some hints in his blog [1]. Nobody questions that all the """Web 2.0"""
> stars should work like a charm in the Internet Tablets. It just takes
> time to update and improve what needs to be updated and improved.
> BTW, it would be interesting to break down the features implied in the
> "Web 2.0" label, having a checklist to test against. Maybve someone has
> already done it, dunno. "YouTube works" or "Google Mail works" are
> better indicators than "Web 2.0 compliant" but still are not objective
> parameters. An agreed list of websites to test against would also help,
> though.
> [1] http://jaaksi.blogspot.com/2007/02/high-level-roadmap.html

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