[maemo-developers] Opera, MiniMo, Epiphany?

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 26 20:31:29 EET 2007
On 2/26/07, Iñigo Illán Aranburu <kodeport at terra.es> wrote:
> Well, I wasn't talking about Web 2.0 only. There are some more things
> that are annoying with Opera. For example:
> + If my girlfriend goes to gmail with my N800 and the browser has some
> username/password saved for you, it's imposible for her to autenticate
> with her account.

Log out of your GMail session using the sign out option at the top.
This is a "feature" on desktop systems too. I use two gmail accounts
on the 770 and N800 just fine.

> + Sometimes Opera gets "stalled" for some extrange reason: You click on
> some link and nothing happens until you persist (and I know the system
> is catching the click because of the sound)

I have noticed this far less in the N800 and I think it is an out of
memory issue. Try increasing the size of your Flash memory cache file.

> + On ebay if I save a password for the overall server it persist on
> trying to save my allready saved password.

Don't know what could be going on here ... maybe ebay builds a session
ID into its URL making it look significantly different each time.

> + I don't know if its totally feasible but I would also like Opera to
> maintain on screen the part of the html I was reading if I go from
> fullscreen to windowed mode and viceversa.

That is a handy feature ... I thought it already did that though.

> + The look-what-you-are-typing-on-a-password-entry-for-a-moment idea is
> good, but Opera doesn't seem to support it.

Not sure what you are referring to here. I can see the point behind
not echoing any of your password on the screen for security purposes.

> + I would like to see a totally gtk integrated browser. At least on
> OS2006 the fullscreen keyboard doesn't work for writting an email on
> gmail. Some other times, the keyboard gets lazy and offers me to enter a
> capitalize letter in a middle of a phrase (It didn't happened to me
> outside Opera).

I have also been seeing this random capitalization problem. I don't
know if someone has submitted a bug report yet.

> Also I think it should consume less memory than a
> browser with his own toolkit, and in no related topic I would like to
> see it on my desktop.
> These are little things but makes me feel frustrated with it sometimes.
> Also, is good to know there are some improvements coming on flash and
> Opera.

Unfortunately, the source code is out of the communities control (and
it would seem Nokia's control as they just license the code for a
third party). So improvements might have to wait until the N9xx series
as precedent would dictate that Nokia won't pay for the license to
include a new version in previous tablet models ... which is their
call to make.

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