[maemo-developers] Opera, MiniMo, Epiphany?

From: James Grimwood james at piku.org.uk
Date: Mon Feb 26 21:04:32 EET 2007
On 26/02/07, Michael Wiktowy <michael.wiktowy at gmail.com> wrote:

> > + The look-what-you-are-typing-on-a-password-entry-for-a-moment idea is
> > good, but Opera doesn't seem to support it.
> Not sure what you are referring to here. I can see the point behind
> not echoing any of your password on the screen for security purposes.

What he means is that the password is briefly shown to the user so
they can tell whether the correct letters have been typed in. It's a
really handy feature for non-keyboard text entry.

As to it being a security problem, don't forget - this is a handheld
portable device with 7 inch screen. It's pretty unlikely someone is
going to see what you enter unless they're stood right behind you
leaning over your shoulder. I reckon there'd be more risk entering
your PIN at a cash machine :-)

While we're on about text entry I notice that sometimes the system
seems to register I've tapped on the keyboard (it makes a click and
highlights the button) but the character doesn't appear.

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