[maemo-developers] Free Repositories Hosting

From: repos at betadoodle.com repos at betadoodle.com
Date: Mon Feb 26 23:32:38 EET 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the lists and only signed up for one specific purpose. I'm not
a developer of maemo software, I'm just a huge fan of my 770 (don't have
cash for the 8 yet but soon I hope...), and I find the repositories
extremely helpful when installing software, etc.

I have almost 2 terabytes of unused traffic per month on my webhost, and
I'm pretty sure that if someone could point me to some documentation on
how to set up repos for the maemo application manager platform, I could
set this up on my webhost. Hence, this message is two fold:

1) Can someone point me to documentation on how to set up application
repositories for maemo?

2) Is anyone interested in free project / repository hosting?

I know the garage provides a forge like interface, but I like being able
to update my software through the application manager w/o having to go
through the web interface.

Just shoot me an email: repos \at/ b e t a d o o d l e /dot\ C O M

Thanks guys. I hope we can get some of those applications that don't have
repositories into some.

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