[maemo-developers] Application Manager scripting, second try

From: Jari Tenhunen jari.tenhunen at iki.fi
Date: Tue Feb 27 11:25:52 EET 2007
Hi Mariuses and all,

I must say that I like this second try better :D

One thing that I wondered is that could the "Adding catalogues
interaction flow" be handled with the same [install] group syntax as the
second "Installing a package from the network catalogues" flow. With the
difference that the [install] group would only have a `catalogues' key
and no `package' key. But at a second thought it might be a bit
confusing if the catalogues are treated differently in these two

On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 08:42:23PM +0100, Kees Jongenburger wrote:
> >For example, the following file will offer to install the `maemofoo`
> >package from the Foobar catalogue:
> >
> >    [install]
> >    catalogues = foobar
> >    package = maemofoo
> >
> >    [foobar]
> >    name = Foobar Catalogue
> >    name[en_GB] = Foobar Catalogue
> >    name[de_DE] = Foobar Katalog
> >    uri = http://foobar.com/repository
> >    components = main
> I would try to make the file more self describing so that that you
> really can create a syntax for it. therefore I would replace the
> [foobar] with [catalogue]. does the glib ini file parser allow mutiple
> init entries with the same name?

Nope, it does not allow multiple groups with same name.

> [catalogue]
> id = foobar
> name = Foobar Catalogue
> name[nl_NL] = .....

Yet another possibility would be to name the catalogue groups like this:

[catalogue foobar]
name = ...

Perhaps it would be more descriptive but I don't have a really strong
preference here.


Jari Tenhunen, stardate [-29]7206.34

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