[maemo-developers] Application Manager scripting, second try

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 27 16:32:36 EET 2007
"ext Kees Jongenburger" <kees.jongenburger at gmail.com> writes:

>> ### Adding catalogues.
>> Each catalogue is considered in turn and the user is asked whether to
>> add it or not.  When it should be added and a catalogue is already
>> configured in the Application Manager that is equal to the one
>> considered, the configured catalogue is removed first.  When the user
>> declines the adding, the next catalogue is considered.
> What happens if the .install file wants to replace the uri or name
> of a catalogue?  Is this considered a security risk?

Can you elaborate, with an example maybe?

Catalogues are replaced as one unit and the user can review the
details of the new dialog when it is added (except in the card_install
interaction flow).

>>     [sdk]
>>     name = maemo SDK catalogue
>>     uri = http://repository.maemo.org/
>>     components = free non-freees
> I still think this all looks way to much like debian , nobody in
> theire right mind would create an installer with different
> components, repositories.

Well, we use the Debian package management tools, so we have to do
things the way they do it.  And I don't actually see what's bad
about it.

Right now, we have to struggle with a lot of repositories, but in an
ideal world, you shouldn't need to worry about repositories much if at
all.  Ubuntu and Debian have much more softweare available than we do,
and they do it all without repository fragmentation.  The most
difficult tjing with their repositories is deciding which mirror to

> [...] If possible I would present the user
> with a list of changes that are going to happen
> -add repo bla
> -update repo x
> -install libsqlite3 from maemo-repo
> -install maemo-mapper from contributors-repo
> (ok/cancel)

Except for the source of a package, you can get this information
already.  Also, I wouldn't expect users to care about this level of

> Is a package allowed to have both a file_uri and a "web"uri?

Packages don't have URIs, catalogues (repositories) have.  A catalogue
can must have exactly one of "uri" and "file_uri", depending on the
context it is used in.

> would there be some "autorun.bat" file on the media card?
> is there a format that just gets executed from the file manager?

The .deb packages can run scripts at various stages during
installation, updating and removing.  See the Debian Policy Manual for

>> ### Compatibility with IT OS 2007.
>> In addition to the format described above, the Hildon Application
>> Manager also understands the old .install files from IT OS 2007.
> why is it Hildon Application Manager and not Maemo Application Manager?

No really strong reason, but it is part of the Hildon Desktop
environment, which in turn is part of maemo.  Other components of the
Hildon Desktop are the Hildon Home, Hildon Statusbar, Hildon Widgets,

>> where URI, DIST, and COMPONENTS are parsed out of DEB, as
>> appropriate.
> Are we thinking planing on automatic server side enhancements to the
> .install file, if not when does the deb get parsed?

I think you misunderstand.  "Parsing stuff out of DEB" was referring
to how the old style

    maemo_deb = deb http://foobar.com bora main

is translated to

    uri = http://foobar.com
    dist = bora
    components = main

DEB is just a variable used in the text, it is not referring to a .deb

> The main thing really is that I would not allow all these catalogue
> information  and translations to end up in the .install files. I will
> be a mess in no time.

Let's see.  One point of the design is to avoid the need for
centralized maintenance.

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