[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Using the N770/N800 as a remote control.

From: klaus at rotters.de klaus at rotters.de
Date: Wed Jan 10 13:30:12 EET 2007
Am 9 Jan 2007 um 21:52 hat Jon Smirl geschrieben:
> Is it no power at all, or just not very much power? With no power you

No power. Rumors said, that it is because there is nowehere inside the N770 +5 Volt, the 
device runs with 3.3 V or less. Since I don't have the schematics, I can't prove that.

Another possibillity: 

Some LCD's need +5 Volt (or more). But maybe the switching regulator (which creates 5 
Volts out of the LiIon 3,8 V accu can only deliver the power for the LCD and nothing more.

It would be nice if the new N800 can drive USB memory sticks. This in addition to the two 
SD-Slots would really make fun!

 Klaus Rotter * klaus <at> rotters <dot> de * www.rotters.de

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