[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Developer Device Program

From: Donn Morrison donn.morrison at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 14 13:02:53 EET 2007
I'm also interested in helping development on this device and the maemo
platform. I've created and participated in several open source projects.

I wrote a serial driver from scratch for the Kodak DC3200 for gPhoto
(http://gphoto.sf.net) so the camera could be used under *nix systems.
I'm also the creator and project admin for webcam_server, a program that
allows a v4l webcam stream to be viewed by multiple browser-based
clients (http://webcamserver.sf.net) and am the creator and project
admin for a networked Java-based Risk game clone
(http://donn.dyndns.org/donnrisk/). I've also done some embedded
hardware and software development (built a small USB device -

I currently own a Dell Axim X51v, but am unimpressed with it
and would enjoy developing on a Linux-based system like the 800.
(I'm already trying to sell my Axim to buy the Nokia 800, so getting in
on this developer program would be great).


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