[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Newbie questions

From: David slugplayer at free.fr
Date: Sun Jan 14 14:05:44 EET 2007
I own the n800.

I have a little experience with embedded linux systems : I work on the 
NSLU2 NAS by Linksys since  1 year.

I have some questions about maemo and the N800 (I don't the answers on 
the wiki)
- Are maemo3.0, bora and ITOS2007 the same thing? what are the differences ?
- On the wiki, I read the "Usb networking" page
   I read there is a developper rootfs.
   Is it different of the defaut OS on the N800 ? What does it 
contain/not contain ?
   Where can I download it ?
- If I flash the N800 , can I restore the default OS provided by Nokia ?



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