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Date: Sun Jan 14 14:17:09 EET 2007
Maemo is the application environment. In this environment you create the target, in your  question ITOS2007 by using  he rootstrap. It is possible to create more than one target to develop the application an create the package for the devices.


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> Hi
> I own the n800.
> I have a little experience with embedded linux systems : I work on the 
> NSLU2 NAS by Linksys since  1 year.
> I have some questions about maemo and the N800 (I don't the answers on 
> the wiki)
> - Are maemo3.0, bora and ITOS2007 the same thing? what are the differences ?
> - On the wiki, I read the "Usb networking" page
>    I read there is a developper rootfs.
>    Is it different of the defaut OS on the N800 ? What does it 
> contain/not contain ?
>    Where can I download it ?
> - If I flash the N800 , can I restore the default OS provided by Nokia ?
> Thanks.
> David.
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