[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Howto: using two scratchbox environments

From: Janne Kataja janne.kataja at movial.fi
Date: Mon Jan 15 00:26:24 EET 2007
Aaron Levinson wrote:
> The standard maemo 3.0 SDK installation documentation states that it is 
> recommended that previous versions of the SDK be uninstalled before 
> installing the new SDK.  But, it seems reasonable that developers will 
> want to maintain both the 2.0/2.1 and 3.0 installations due to the need to 
> build packages for both the 770 and N800.  

Scratchbox 1.0 can be installed to and run from alternative path, 
example to /opt/scratchbox , and not just /scratchbox .
This question has popped up in scratchbox-users mailing list

[Scratchbox-users] Multiple scratchbox installations on the same machine

> Scratchbox versions prior to 1.0 must be installed in /scratchbox, but
> from version 1.0 on, you can install them anywhere.
> Multiple installations of versions prior to 1.0 are (obviously) not
> supported.
> Just make sure that the legacy branch version is installed in
> /scratchbox and you should be okay.

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