[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Developer device program update

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at maemo.org
Date: Sun Jan 21 16:52:49 EET 2007
Dear Maemo contributors,

We will be sending discount codes to the elected people tomorrow
Monday, 22nd. These are the criteria we have been using for the

- People recommended by core Maemo developers (Nokia employees).
- Active project members at garage.maemo.org.
- Maintainers of tools and libraries being ported to Maemo.
- Active contributors in maemo-developers and maemo-users.
- Active contributors to the #maemo IRC channel.
- Upstream developers of core IT OS components and applications.
- Companies/professionals working with us and involved in the free
software community.
- Internet Tablet / Maemo evangelists, creative bloggers and independent media.
- Linux embedded insiders.
- Also some FLOSS VIP people (where "I" stands for Interconnected).

This is taking longer than expected, mainly because of the gathering
data process (i.e. getting the name and email from a userID in a forum
or a chat room). In order to avoid more delays we will send a first
wave of invitations that should cover all our core contributors'
spectrum. Next week we will go for missed people and unusual cases in
a second and final wave.

With the discount code you will be able to purchase a N800 Internet
Tablet from Nokia online shops for 99€ or equivalent price in your
currency. Note that it is possible to buy the N800 only from some
countries, due to commercial and legal factors totally out of the
control of the Maemo team. All we can do is not filtering candidates
by country of residence. This means that residents of "non-supported"
countries might get an invitation as well. If this is your case you
will need to decide yourself how to make the best use of your discount

The codes will expire on 30th June 2007.

If you have questions please check

Quim Gil
Maemo Product Manager

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