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From: Jean-Luc Biord jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Mon Jan 22 20:23:23 EET 2007
My name is Jean-Luc Biord and I work usually with Trolltech Qt. I am 
author of QDevelop <http://qdevelop.org>, a IDE for Qt. I am a new user 
of Nokia 770 (one month). I created the pengupop project in the 
garage.maemo. It is a simple port on Maemo. But specific developments 
for Nokia are planned. I will like to have the offer of Nokia 800 to 90 
euros. Is it still possible?

Jean-Luc Biord
> Dear Maemo contributors,
> We will be sending discount codes to the elected people tomorrow
> Monday, 22nd. These are the criteria we have been using for the
> invitations:
> - People recommended by core Maemo developers (Nokia employees).
> - Active project members at garage.maemo.org.
> - Maintainers of tools and libraries being ported to Maemo.
> - Active contributors in maemo-developers and maemo-users.
> - Active contributors to the #maemo IRC channel.
> - Upstream developers of core IT OS components and applications.
> - Companies/professionals working with us and involved in the free
> software community.
> - Internet Tablet / Maemo evangelists, creative bloggers and 
> independent media.
> - Linux embedded insiders.
> - Also some FLOSS VIP people (where "I" stands for Interconnected).
> This is taking longer than expected, mainly because of the gathering
> data process (i.e. getting the name and email from a userID in a forum
> or a chat room). In order to avoid more delays we will send a first
> wave of invitations that should cover all our core contributors'
> spectrum. Next week we will go for missed people and unusual cases in
> a second and final wave.
> With the discount code you will be able to purchase a N800 Internet
> Tablet from Nokia online shops for 99€ or equivalent price in your
> currency. Note that it is possible to buy the N800 only from some
> countries, due to commercial and legal factors totally out of the
> control of the Maemo team. All we can do is not filtering candidates
> by country of residence. This means that residents of "non-supported"
> countries might get an invitation as well. If this is your case you
> will need to decide yourself how to make the best use of your discount
> code.
> The codes will expire on 30th June 2007.
> If you have questions please check
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/N800DeveloperDeviceProgram

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