[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 GUI Improvements from a Newton Developer's Perspective

From: Diego Escalante dieguito at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 22 00:27:39 EET 2007

On 1/21/07, Sean Luke <sean at cs.gmu.edu> wrote:
> After using the N800 for a week or two, which of course qualifies me
> as Knowing All Things About It :-), I've thrown together a web page
> describing various places the N800's GUI could be improved, and some
> ugly bugs, from the perspective of a Newton developer (myself).  As I
> like the N800 I tried to be fair and reasonable, exorcising most of
> my snark, but sometimes I couldn't help myself, sorry.
> Before I made the site public, I thought I'd post it to the
> developers' group and ask for some comments, agreements, and
> disagreements.  The site URL may change afterwards.
>         http://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/stuff/n800/
Really nice review!. I don't own a n800 (nor a n770) but I can agree
with you in every aspect of your review.
One thing I have always disliked of the Hildon UI is the eye-candy
part, the icons are just ugly and inconsistent.

Is there any official HIG for maemo? I only found
http://maemo.org/maemowiki/MaemoUserInterfaceChecklist on a quick
search in maemo.org.

Some stuff like the dialog actions (the delete email thing you
mention) could be borrowed from the GNOME HIG.

Congrats for your good review.



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