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From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 26 08:40:18 EET 2007

Analyzing the sequence of emails in this list and my mailbox it looks
like there was some trouble at the Nokia USA shop, although it seems
that the customer support mechanism scaled up the issue and by now they
are all aware and like able to solve problems (I need to confirm the
latter, but the US is mostly in bed now). I have sent a summary of
complaints to our contacts there, we will let you know about any
relevant news. 

Since we maemo team are sending the codes, it is understandable that we
get the complaints. However, please understand that we have no access at
all to the shop machinery, nor we know what is going on when your credit
card is not being accepted. Nokia USA support should still be your
primary resource for getting the issues solved. Our indirect way to help
you is getting in touch with the US shop management so they send the
appropriate messages to the support lines your get in touch. We can help
directly with the weirdest cases and rare exceptions, though. Just try
hard first with their support channel, please.

Hubert & others, we have sent a US code to many non-US & non-EU
contributors around the globe. Yes, we know you can't get your N800
directly delivered at home. As explained the wiki page, you need to find
out yourselves what to do next. We are not happy with this "solution"
but it's the only realistic option we had. The alternative would be
sending codes only to contributors living in countries where Nokia has
online shops. We decided to send you the codes anyway, because you
deserve them as much as the rest, regardless of where in the world you
are actually contributing to this project. 

More questions are being answered in the updated

We are about to close this program. We are still dealing with some
worthy self-proposed contributors, some people needing EU <<>> US
swapping codes and the support to issues encountered at the shop. The
"maemo coupon team" (thanks Larry for the label)  :)  needs to move
forward onto other things.

Quim Gil
Maemo team
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