[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] USA shop trouble + update

From: Hubert Figuiere hub at figuiere.net
Date: Fri Jan 26 17:46:51 EET 2007
quim.gil at nokia.com wrote:

> Hubert & others, we have sent a US code to many non-US & non-EU
> contributors around the globe. Yes, we know you can't get your N800
> directly delivered at home. As explained the wiki page, you need to find
> out yourselves what to do next.

Is it that hard to tell the US shop to ship device out of the country in
that case? After all since the {Canadian,insert_your_local} store does
not even know about the N800 it is not competing with them, right?

The fact that I can't use the code in Europe also prevents me from going
through my parents. And no I'm not asking to have my code exchanged for
a EU one....

I know the "maemo coupon team" do their best, and I thank them for that
as much as I am grateful for them to have put me on the list, but it is
just very sad and disappointing that business bureaucracy[1] just kill
all the good ideas.

I think I should invite all the people with a coupon that can't order to
contact both the closest Nokia store and their local Nokia store to
inquire about that issue. I have already contacted the Nokia store in
the USA to inquire about buying from them, but haven't gotten a reply so
far. I'm willing to be patient with that.


[1] I think I have other words to qualify this, but I'll keep them for
me. Bitterness is not to be share.

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