[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Local DNS

From: andrew gatt a.gatt at btinternet.com
Date: Mon Jan 29 19:37:06 EET 2007
David Hagood wrote:
>> In browser address bar:
>> http://myserver
>> The only system this doesn't work on is the 770 with ITOS2007 (i don't
>> have any other versions). Am i doing something wrong or is the DNS
>> resolving not set up properly on the 770?
> The resolver is NOT accepting the "option domain-name" from the DHCP
> server - so even if the server says "You are in foo.example.net", the
> resolver is NOT being instructed to try appending "foo.example.net" to a
> domain if it fails to resolve.
> Ideally, the device would allow you to specify a search domain, AND accept
> the domain from DHCP as a second search, and add them both to resolv.conf
> as search domains - but it doesn't.
Yes i just added 'search mydomain' as the first line of the resolv.conf 
and it works. Why does this fail on the 770 when all my other machines 
are set up correctly from my DHCP server. Is this not a bug in ITOS2006 
or have i missed something?

resolv.conf is not being updated at all, but looking at udhcpc.script 
(in /etc/udhcpc) it should work, and udhcpc works fine with a similar 
script on my linux machine with the same DHCP server.



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