[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Fake IAP connection or how to use local web applications

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 31 21:42:48 EET 2007
So, we have an internet tablet, with a great browser, but we're unable
to use it for local web applications because browser requests and
internet connection when accessing ""

In 770, every application that used IC connection or was launched
using a LD_PRELOAD that mapped "socket" call to use it and ask for an
internet connection (I wonder why socket() and not connect()...). By
that time I could use the following GConf line to setup a fake IAP
connection called "Localhost":

   gconftool -s -t string /system/osso/connectivity/IAP/Localhost/type DUMMY

but this doesn't work with N800.

I wonder:
 - how to overcome this problem in N800.
 - is there a better approach to this problem?
 - why do you request IAP connection for localhost?

Our use is Canola web-ui, we use a small footprint webserver (written
with libsoup, it also takes care of scanning new media) and that allow
us to have a multi-platform local/remote user interface to configure
our software.

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