[maemo-developers] Firmware 4.2007.26-8 has inferior SDHC performance than 3.2007.10-7 - why?

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Jul 9 21:32:09 EEST 2007
Kees Jongenburger wrote:
> I guess the cards would not be lost , just the data.
Hopefully! But so far nobody has found any software that can recover the cards.

> Apparently it's not a bug that can easily be triggers by everybody.
> I have my rootfs running on sdhc with new "latest" release and I
> already filled it with 300MB of programs so far with no problems.
One poor guy has had three Transcend SDHC Class 6 cards die on him since upgrading to 4.2007!

It seems the external slot is more likely to kill a card than the internal slot... perhaps because people remove cards from this slot more often than they do the internal slot? Also, judging by the vdd details in this blog[1] post the internal and external slots support slightly different electrical characteristics.

And a recent blog post[2] from the original author of the 3.2007 SDHC patch suggests that Nokia have not included all of his patches in the latest 4.2007 firmware, and he suggests he might produce his own version of the 4.2007 kernel with his own patches - I think I'll give that a go as I had fewer problems with his patches than the official Nokia release.

1. http://intr.overt.org/blog/?p=49
2. http://intr.overt.org/blog/?p=52

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