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From: Daniel Stone daniel.stone at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jul 27 17:41:56 EEST 2007
On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 11:36:55AM -0300, ext Rodrigo Vivi wrote:
> I'll call by "end user" those developers that use the distro/SDK to
> develop their programs and by "developer" those that are coding the
> distro/SDK itself.
> OE makes developer's life easier because under OE repository there are
> a lot of package descriptions and tasks definitions that bitbake (that
> is a task executor) uses to build what you tell to build. Bitbake is
> too flexible.

Er, how is this different from Debian, where you have a number of
package descriptions and task definitions that sbuild/buildd/debuild
uses to build?  (Bearing in mind that debian/rules is a Makefile, and
thus infinitely flexible.)

> OE makes the end user's life easier just when his program is ready to
> be packed. Instead of create a debian control dir, with a lot of
> complex files and rules, you just need to add a .bb file with few
> lines of description and use the bitbake to cross-compile, test and
> pack it.

debian/ can be rather verbose, but most users won't need to change much
from the dh_make template.

> I'm not telling that dpkg-buildpackage approach is bad and I know that
> emdebian team is doing a good work to adapt it to cross compiling.

Actually, emdebian is fundamentally the wrong approach, and makes
everything far worse than it could possibly be with any other technique.
It's almost the worst thing I can think of.

> What I want to avoid is the creation of debian controls files that I
> believe that is to painful. Some Months ago Koen said me a truth:
> "Hackers like to code and don't want to spend their time packing"

Sounds like a recipe for crap packages to me (maybe OE's are good, I
don't actually know).  If you want incredibly basic skeleton packages,
just use the dh_make template and ignore them, and the packages won't be
any good.  If you want to fix them up so they conform to policy, are
more generally useful, are split as they should be, etc, then you'll
need to spend time on your packages.

This is no different from ebuilds, spec files, or any packaging system
I've ever used.  The only difference is that debian/ tends to be a
little more verbose for the skeleton case.  But the core is the same: if
you want crap packages, then you can easily create them in any packaging
system.  If you want good packages, then you need to spend a bit more

Daniel (a developer who is trying his best to ignore packaging now)
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