[maemo-developers] Public maemo repository

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 27 22:14:09 EEST 2007
> Er, how is this different from Debian, where you have a number of
> package descriptions and task definitions that sbuild/buildd/debuild
> uses to build?  (Bearing in mind that debian/rules is a Makefile, and
> thus infinitely flexible.)

What kind of step does a "user" have to take between creating it's own
package and the sbuild/buildd/debuild aproach? isn't this hole
open-source thingy about giving power to the user?

> Sounds like a recipe for crap packages to me (maybe OE's are good, I
> don't actually know).  If you want incredibly basic skeleton packages,
> just use the dh_make template and ignore them, and the packages won't be
> any good.  If you want to fix them up so they conform to policy, are
> more generally useful, are split as they should be, etc, then you'll
> need to spend time on your packages.

If you are using dh_make you are not using the "power" of the existing
debian packages and you are in trouble
if you don't use dh_make and try to use upstream packages + patches
you are in trouble because you are creating the chaos youself, You are
also prooving that  the initial "source" packaging was not sufficient
for your need

> This is no different from ebuilds, spec files, or any packaging system
> I've ever used.  The only difference is that debian/ tends to be a
> little more verbose for the skeleton case.  But the core is the same: if
> you want crap packages, then you can easily create them in any packaging
> system.  If you want good packages, then you need to spend a bit more
> time.

I think there is a big difference between those systems. Me as
developer ,I have the same tools as you the packager (as I tend to
call people who create packages)
bsd ports,gentoo portage and oe contain meta packages.

lets' face it what good did the packaging bring maemo until now? I
don't understand I am still waisting my time with this packaging

> Cheers,
> Daniel (a developer who is trying his best to ignore packaging now)

Exactly, but for me a "user" packaging is a real issue


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