[maemo-developers] Packaging Python Applications for Maemo: python-setuptools/eggs or PyPackager/debian?

From: Darren Enns darethehair at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 17 20:08:39 EET 2008
Forgive my likely confusion-of-terminology used in this email title :)

Long story short: I have ported some python libraries to the Armel/maemo 
platform, and had successfully used 'PyPackager' to create a nice 
Debian-package for those to install with.

When I asked the original coder for an opinion on this, he suggested 
making an 'easy_install' (python-setuptools/egg?) instead.

I am extremely ignorant about all of this stuff, and was quite content 
to use 'PyPackager' to solve all of my problems -- plus, however 
'consistent' it may be in the Python world to use 'eggs' and stuff like 
that, it seems to me that Debian packages allows people to install with 
a GUI interface rather than a command-line one.

Am I full of beans?  Could anyone clarify these issues for me?



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