[maemo-developers] Packaging Python Applications for Maemo: python-setuptools/eggs or PyPackager/debian?

From: Martin Grimme martin.grimme at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 18 10:22:59 EET 2008

definitely go the deb package way in maemo world. People will hate you
if you only offer Python eggs for manual installation. You should keep
using PyPackager, IMHO.

Personally, I'm using a simple Makefile to satisfy the
dpkg-buildpackage scripts for packaging my stuff for maemo. Just a few
lines but it does its job.


2008/3/17, Darren Enns <darethehair at gmail.com>:
> Forgive my likely confusion-of-terminology used in this email title :)
>  Long story short: I have ported some python libraries to the Armel/maemo
>  platform, and had successfully used 'PyPackager' to create a nice
>  Debian-package for those to install with.
>  When I asked the original coder for an opinion on this, he suggested
>  making an 'easy_install' (python-setuptools/egg?) instead.
>  I am extremely ignorant about all of this stuff, and was quite content
>  to use 'PyPackager' to solve all of my problems -- plus, however
>  'consistent' it may be in the Python world to use 'eggs' and stuff like
>  that, it seems to me that Debian packages allows people to install with
>  a GUI interface rather than a command-line one.
>  Am I full of beans?  Could anyone clarify these issues for me?
>  Thanks
>  Dare
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