[maemo-developers] Autobuilder repository priority ?

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Sun Nov 1 12:23:53 EET 2009
On Sunday 01 November 2009 08:23:13 Ed Bartosh wrote:
> You can try to use python2.5-dbus instead of python-dbus to work
> around the problem. python2.5-dbus is just a meta package, but it
> presents only in SDK, which might allow you to avoid installing
> python-dbus from extras-devel.

Been there, done that (actually, that was the original dependency from the 
Diablo days :) ). That doesn't work as python2.5-dbus is essentially

Depends: python-dbus (= 0.83.0-1maemo1)

and when I put that through the autobuilder, It gives a 

Python2.5-dbus: requires python-dbus (= 0.83.0-1maemo1), but it is not going 
to be installed.

Most likely there is another package pulled in that has plain python-dbus as 
dependency or has a set version to depend on, hence the conflict. 

Note that the two versions (-1maemo1 and -1maemo3)  have some level of 
incompatibility (some paths changed) so I cannot compile with one and then use  
with the other. I updated the package to use the version in -devel, but for 
that reason now I cannot promote it to extras and testing. I've been told 
python-dbus is going to be promoted to testing next week, but that only added 
to my confusion - while solving this particular problem, will that mean that 
there will be permanently packages in Extras overshadowing SDK/official packages 
?  I would expect (semi-)official packages shipped via SDK to be updated through 
the same (SDK/Nokia) repositories (or a specific updates repo).

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