[maemo-developers] Why should it be so hard and should I even bother with Extras for fremantle?

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Sun Nov 1 11:46:58 EET 2009
On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 19:10 -0700, tz wrote:
> I'm a power user and not the only one.

> And what I used my current
> tablets for were testing networks and doing other low level stuff,
> mainly from xterm, but sometimes from python front-ends to linux.  So
> I ported a number of utilities under Linux to maemo/diablo and started
> to do it for fremantle.

And this is the problem.

If you got all the people in the world who want to use the tablet/phone
in this manner you wouldn't have a market that warranted making the
device. Personally I want the thing to be uber-successful and I want to
be on the inside where I can ensure *my* niche needs are met by working
collaboratively with those who have to support the masses.

Otherwise good luck writing socat for a nailed down iPhone (in a year or

> Way back when, I complained that half of what I wanted to install was
> invisible except under "red pill mode", and after getting all the
> noise about not using it and explanations, for those utilities I
> thought were significant, I created versions in user/* because it is
> the only way they would be visible.
> One of them was socat.  So I ported it and now that I submitted it for
> fremantle  they say it shouldn't be put in user/ so I'm both confused
> and annoyed.
Because you think that 'socat' is something that a wide cross-section of
the target audience will use?

> This is the iTunes Application Store by mob justice.
>  "I don't like your app so you can't have it in extras!".

> No one reported
> any actual bug, or problem, they just don't want to make it available
> to users or anyone else using the normal means.
However, that's a valid point.

The bug "Way too geeky to present to most users" should, IMHO be an
'extras user/*' criteria.

> There is only one option and I'm trying to play by the rules - and
> going thorough all the steps.

rant about turmoil when involved in the early phases of something and
identifying a bug in a process.

> Is there some category under user/* I can put it in without worrying
> about being rejected except for actual bugs, or did all the discussion
> about how to avoid the ugly hacks yet be able for users to actually
> get to my programs result in nothing?

Ah, the actual point :)
(and a good one too).

Alongside 'user/*' I wonder if we should have a 'geek/*' section ?
Or make 'user/development' and some other categories only visible if
enabled in preferences.

Personally I think we're back at the Categories argument that was never
really taken seriously.


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