[maemo-developers] Why should it be so hard and should I even bother with Extras for fremantle?

From: Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Date: Sun Nov 1 21:21:57 EET 2009
su, 2009-11-01 kello 09:46 +0000, David Greaves kirjoitti:
> Alongside 'user/*' I wonder if we should have a 'geek/*' section ?
> Or make 'user/development' and some other categories only visible if
> enabled in preferences.
> Personally I think we're back at the Categories argument that was never
> really taken seriously.

A separate tree of categories could be useful. Though maybe it would be
better to name it 'expert/*', and warn in the UI that these are expert
tools that really may require expertise to use properly or safely.

What would it take to have the application manager to have a setting
"Show expert tools" that would show/hide these? Or maybe have these only
installable from the command line?

Pauli Virtanen

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