[maemo-developers] maemo-optify, autobuilder & /opt

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Mon Nov 2 10:33:55 EET 2009
Ed wrote:
> 2009/11/2 Marius Vollmer <marius.vollmer at nokia.com>:
> > Would maemo-optify be part of that devkit as well, or would it be in the
> > rootstrap?
> >
> > I prefer to leave maemo-optify in the rootstrap: that way, we can update
> > it much easier, which is quite important at this stage.
> >
> Unfortunately it has to be part of the devkit. 

This is a problem. We need to be able to iterate maemo-optify to change its behaviour and, at some point, be able to switch its default mode from 'none' (to either 'auto' or 'manual').

How quickly will we be able to iterate changes to the devkit? How happy will the SDK team be to make these changes? How will devs get new versions in their SDKs (reinstall devkit?!)?

Depending on these answers, perhaps we should have the maemo-optify package include maemo-buildpackage which is a wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage & maemp-optify.



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