[maemo-developers] Maemo at FOSS.IN 2009 , Bangalore , India

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Nov 5 13:25:52 EET 2009
Hi Amit,

Amit Sethi wrote:
> This has been approved and I am being given a chance to talk about
> maemo in one of the main sessions.

That's great news!

> Essentially the purpose for this was
> to create awareness among Indian Foss community about maemo and what it
> offers as a development environment . The basic points that I wish to
> talk about at the conference are :
> 1.Benefits of developing for maemo5
> 2. Options for Linux based mobile development
> 3. Forward path for maemo (like shifting to qt)
> 4. Maemo5 vs Iphone as a develop environment , A comparison?
> It would be great if I could get references that the community knows or
> other cc licensed presentations on this (perhaps from this years maemo
> summit) that touch these topics .Also please do give comments to make
> this presentation better.

I think it's a nice start - as I suggested at the Maemo summit
I suggest that you structure it as a narrative, with a clear central
*attendee-focussed* point going through the lot.

The goal of your presentation, you say, is to create awareness about
Maemo and what it offers. That's currently a Maemo-focussed (or
presenter-focussed) goal. How about reformulating your goal as "to
encourage attendees to become members of the Maemo community"? This may
seem like semantics, but this goal allows you to structure the
information you want to share differently, and suggests other key
benefits to present.

So slightly adjusting your points, you have:

1. What is Maemo?
 - Open development platform, sponsored by Nokia
 - Complete OS for phone & internet tablet devices
 - Community of developers and enthusiasts
 - A word on versions - Fremantle, and Harmattan announced plans
2. Why should I care? (Not another platform???)
 - Social benefits of working with an open platform (wide distribution,
street cred, you'll have fun)
 - You get to change the way your phone works! Co-creation & third party
 apps - show off some examples of innovative Maemo apps
 - Economic benefits of open platforms and services for application
developers (Ovi)
 - Comparison with iPhone and Android
3. What can I do?
 - Getting involved at maemo.org
 - Workgroups (docs, packages, council, forums)
 - Working with the Maemo platform (a 2 minute overview in getting a
Maemo development environment set up - point to a web resource, mention
Scratchbox, cross-compiling and using Xephyr for local emulation)
 - Adapting your application for Maemo (point to the user interface
 - Publishing your application (maemo.nokia.com, extras, extras-testing)

This gives you the chance to touch on all the points you're interested
in, while having a nice thread running through it.

I'd spend less time on the "what is Maemo" bit and most of the time on
"why should I care?" and "what can I do?", perhaps.

> My own background: I was gsoc developer this year for maemo mentored by
> Valerio Valerio . I was really excited by the maemo experince and wanted
> to pass it on .
> P.S I would also ask anyone near the subcontinent during first week of
> December to join the party in Bangalore.

In the "what can I do?" part of the presentation, this could be a great
story to tell - your experiences meeting the Maemo comm project you
worked on, the community support you got, and so on.

Good luck! I hope it goes well.


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