[maemo-developers] Maemo at FOSS.IN 2009 , Bangalore , India

From: Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Thu Nov 5 15:03:44 EET 2009
On Nov 5, 2009, at 12:25, Dave Neary wrote:

> Hi Amit,
> Amit Sethi wrote:
>> This has been approved and I am being given a chance to talk about
>> maemo in one of the main sessions.
> That's great news!


>> Essentially the purpose for this was
>> to create awareness among Indian Foss community about maemo and  
>> what it
>> offers as a development environment . The basic points that I wish to
>> talk about at the conference are :
>> 1. Benefits of developing for maemo5
>> 2. Options for Linux based mobile development
>> 3. Forward path for maemo (like shifting to qt)
>> 4. Maemo5 vs Iphone as a develop environment , A comparison?
>> It would be great if I could get references that the community  
>> knows or
>> other cc licensed presentations on this (perhaps from this years  
>> maemo
>> summit) that touch these topics. Also please do give comments to make
>> this presentation better.
> I think it's a nice start - as I suggested at the Maemo summit
> http://blogs.gnome.org/bolsh/2009/10/10/giving-great-presentations-speaker-notes/
> I suggest that you structure it as a narrative, with a clear central
> *attendee-focussed* point going through the lot.
> The goal of your presentation, you say, is to create awareness about
> Maemo and what it offers. That's currently a Maemo-focussed (or
> presenter-focussed) goal. How about reformulating your goal as "to
> encourage attendees to become members of the Maemo community"? This  
> may
> seem like semantics, but this goal allows you to structure the
> information you want to share differently, and suggests other key
> benefits to present.
> So slightly adjusting your points, you have:
> 1. What is Maemo?

   - Debian-derived GNU/Linux mobile computer
> - Open development platform, sponsored by Nokia
> - Complete OS for phone & internet tablet devices
> - Community of developers and enthusiasts
> - A word on versions - Fremantle, and Harmattan announced plans
> 2. Why should I care? (Not another platform???)
   - Because it is derived from debian, there are potentially tens of  
thousands of applications already written that can be ported to the  
Maemo platform.
   - Since it is GNU/Linux you already have a working operating  
system, this means you can bring your applications to your users  
faster since you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
> - Social benefits of working with an open platform (wide distribution,
> street cred, you'll have fun)
> - You get to change the way your phone works! Co-creation & third  
> party
> apps - show off some examples of innovative Maemo apps
> - Economic benefits of open platforms and services for application
> developers (Ovi)
> - Comparison with iPhone and Android
   - Maemo is the most open development platform for mobile devices
   - Ovi will allow you to sell services and code to the maemo platform
> 3. What can I do?
> - Getting involved at maemo.org
> - Workgroups (docs, packages, council, forums)
> - Working with the Maemo platform (a 2 minute overview in getting a
> Maemo development environment set up - point to a web resource,  
> mention
> Scratchbox, cross-compiling and using Xephyr for local emulation)
> - Adapting your application for Maemo (point to the user interface
> guidelines)
> - Publishing your application (maemo.nokia.com, extras, extras- 
> testing)
   - Porting an application from upstream (i.e. debian or ubuntu) to  

I would emphasize the openness of the platform, especially since you  
are at a FOSS conference. It is much more open for development  
compared to the iPhone and Android in the technical sense; both  
Android and iPhone cannot just run a deb from upstream, whereas it is  
often trivially easy to port apps from debian.

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