[maemo-developers] Follow up from QA meeting on IRC

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Nov 12 09:57:56 EET 2009

That all sounds OK.

One other point that just came into my mind. Is it possible (I havn't
yet promoted something) to leave some message to the testers while
promoting application to extras-testing (or even leave permantent
comments regarding testing as part of the application description)?

Reason with concrete example: One of the testing requirements is that
more than normal power consuming applications should give a hint at
first start. In this case tester need to know how first start is
detected and how the application can be made to think it was first
started. In my case I would realize this with a hidden configuration
file (~/.blabla.xml) that has to be deleted. This must be known by the


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