[maemo-developers] Follow up from QA meeting on IRC

From: Andrea Borgia andrea at borgia.bo.it
Date: Sat Nov 21 16:10:16 EET 2009
Jeremiah Foster wrote:

> Developers should not be able to promote their own applications, it
> is assumed that they believe the app is production ready by
> submitting it to testing. Perhaps if there were a different button
> for developers, i.e. 'Demote this package', then the app can be
> removed from testing? If a user finds a bug, and the dev wants to
> take that version out of the repos, a developer can remove the app
> entirely.

As an addition, I would like to see a button to remove the app
altogether, i.e. also from devel. It happened to me that I reported a
bug on an application that was removed from testing as requested by its
maintainer but not from devel.

Another idea that comes to my mind is the possibility of subscribing to
package events: build (ok, failed, etc.), entering devel/testing/extras,
demotion and so on. For example, I'd like to be notified when some of my
favourite packages move into testing so that I can retest them.


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