[maemo-developers] n900 recovery mode?

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Date: Mon Nov 16 10:30:14 EET 2009
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> Subject: n900 recovery mode?
> Hello,
> I recently was testing some libraries on the n900, and in 
> order to point the libraries I made a script that exports 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to the path where my libraries were. 
> I added this line to /etc/profile 
> source /home/user/script.sh 
> I forgot to add the execute permission, and after rebooting 
> the phone, the UI didn't start anymore. I think it crashes 
> when it tries to start the script, and unfortunately the 
> tablet can't connect to the network.
> I tried also to pass some flags to the kernel, I passed the 
> init=/bin/ash and see if I could get a terminal on the 
> screen, but I had no success.

So you can't connect with ssh to undo your changes?

Also I'm confused, how did you do that after you lost screen and network? Usbnet and ssh or what? Or did you do it all in one go?

> Do you know if there exist any flag telling the kernel to 
> boot in a recovery mode?

Not that I know of. (But I'm not a low level guy)

If you hang on a while, we'll provide the images and tools to flash your device clean. I assume this is one of the 300 from Amsterdam.


> Victor.
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