[maemo-developers] n900 recovery mode?

From: Victor Fragoso vfragoso at cs.ucsb.edu
Date: Sat Nov 14 23:50:10 EET 2009

I recently was testing some libraries on the n900, and in order to point
the libraries I made a script that exports LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to
the path where my libraries were. I added this line to /etc/profile 

source /home/user/script.sh 

I forgot to add the execute permission, and after rebooting the phone,
the UI didn't start anymore. I think it crashes when it tries to start
the script, and unfortunately the tablet can't connect to the network.

I tried also to pass some flags to the kernel, I passed the
init=/bin/ash and see if I could get a terminal on the screen, but I had
no success.

Do you know if there exist any flag telling the kernel to boot in a
recovery mode?


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