[maemo-developers] Maemo on Beagleboard

From: Dirk Behme dirk.behme at googlemail.com
Date: Tue Nov 17 08:53:10 EET 2009
tero.kojo at nokia.com wrote:
> ----- Original message -----
>> Michael wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have followed the tutorial on:
>>> http://omappedia.org/wiki/Maemo_Getting_Started
>>> to install Maemo 5 final on the Beagleboard.
>>> Everything went fine and it boot to a screen with a water background.
>>> But what can i do from this point?
>>> How to install applications?
>>> In the inet i often see a package manager for maemo on the
>> beagleboard.
>>> But i have only a blue screen with an icon in the left-top corner.
>>> If anyone is using maemo on the beagleboard it would be good to give
>>> some advice.
>> I wasn't able to do anything more than you describe here, too. Due to
>> missing mouse cursor.
> I think Till got the best results so far, he has a touchscreen that gave some repeatable results. (tslib might be the thing to try for touchscreens)
> The mouse is the current biggest limitation for the rest of us. By tweaking things in xorg.conf I got the left mouse button to work (verifiable by clicking it, it brings the edit icon on the home screen). However moving the mouse didn't work :/ Then I got busy with other stuff (making the maemo.org server move happen).
> But network (usb) can be made to work, so installing and running things is doable from command line. However without the mouse you can't do anything.

Nothing new regarding Beagle mouse issue, but some general news:

* Zoom2 people have Maemo5 running on Zoom2 with touchscreen:


(see status change in page history, too)


(picture on page 3)

* Today (17th 2009) at 2:15 PM CST / 20:15 UTC Carsten V. Munk 
(Stskeeps) gives a lightning talk about "Maemo on non-Nokia devices " 
at TI's ETechDays Community Lightning Talks:



* I talked yesterday with Carsten and he wonders about the Maemo mouse 
cursor issue as it seems to work with Mer and Zoom2:



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