[maemo-developers] Upgrade Description and Package Interface fun

From: Edward Page eopage at byu.net
Date: Tue Nov 17 05:32:15 EET 2009
After getting some comments about this for Gonvert, I thought I'd
finally look into this issue, see:

So I have 4 packages in the Fremantle Package interface

Dialcentral's page has a description, the others' pages have the most
recent package's Maemo-Upgrade-Description.  Similar build script
wrapping the same version of py2deb (a custom one I run).  I've
checked the source package's control files and the binary package's
control files.  To me, it all looks good.  I've included the source
control files for reference.

Anyone know what is going on?  Is something wrong in the formatting of
my control files?  Is this some kind of Package Interface bug?

Ed Page
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