[maemo-developers] PyQt

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Tue Nov 17 21:25:16 EET 2009
I have a question about PyQt, but not a technical one :) 

Can someone enlighten me about the 'official' status of PyQt in Maemo ? I 
understand Nokia folks who have been working on it now concentrate on PySide, 
but it's a bit unclear if there is an official stance on it or not, both 
regarding existing PyQt packages in Diablo and about future versions in 
Fremantle. I have taken the liberty to push (missing) PyQt packages from 
Diablo to Fremantle repositories some time ago. I also happen to have up-to-
date PyQt versions for Diablo and Fremantle in my local scratchbox but am a 
bit hesitant to overwrite/update the current packages. Do we (still) have 
active maintainers ?

To clarify once more, I have nothing against PySide efforts, on the contrary, I 
endorse and watch PySide closely, but I think people who do not care about 
LGPL should have the option of using all bindings available, especially since 
they're (mostly) API compatible.

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