[maemo-developers] PyQt

From: Matti Airas matti.p.airas at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 18 12:30:32 EET 2009
Hi, Attila!

I'm managing Nokia contributions to the PySide and PyMaemo community
projects, so here's my stance: you're right that we're focusing our
efforts on PySide and we won't be investing in PyQt ports any longer. If
you're interested in maintaining PyQt on Maemo in the future, maybe you
could arrange with Luciano Wolf and/or Phil Thompson (the current PyQt
garage project admins) to have you appointed as a new project admin?

Since there are no active maintainers for PyQt on Maemo, I think you
should feel free to update the packages in any case.

Having said all this, I strongly encourage Python Qt developers on Maemo
to use PySide instead of PyQt. We'll be generating our future Maemo 6
API bindings using PySide, so if you want to be able to utilize them, 
you'll need to go with PySide in any case. In addition, having only one 
set of Python Qt binding libraries on the device is probably greatly 
preferable to the end user. I understand PySide is at the moment a bit 
rough, but the situation will improve a lot by the end of the year.



ext Attila Csipa wrote:
> I have a question about PyQt, but not a technical one :) 
> Can someone enlighten me about the 'official' status of PyQt in Maemo ? I 
> understand Nokia folks who have been working on it now concentrate on PySide, 
> but it's a bit unclear if there is an official stance on it or not, both 
> regarding existing PyQt packages in Diablo and about future versions in 
> Fremantle. I have taken the liberty to push (missing) PyQt packages from 
> Diablo to Fremantle repositories some time ago. I also happen to have up-to-
> date PyQt versions for Diablo and Fremantle in my local scratchbox but am a 
> bit hesitant to overwrite/update the current packages. Do we (still) have 
> active maintainers ?
> To clarify once more, I have nothing against PySide efforts, on the contrary, I 
> endorse and watch PySide closely, but I think people who do not care about 
> LGPL should have the option of using all bindings available, especially since 
> they're (mostly) API compatible.
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