[maemo-developers] Extras Testing to Extras, again...

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 19 16:12:41 EET 2009

ext Aniello Del Sorbo wrote:
> I am sure I missed something... but what actions were taken to address
> this issue?
> I do have Xournal pacakge 20 for more than 10 days with 6 thumbs up
> out of 10 (i.e. more than 50% of people voted OK).
> I want to promote it to Extras.
> And I don't want to depend on others.
> I REALLY would like to see a Promote to Extras earlier in the process.
> It's up to me to wait enough time so that people can test it.
> Again, what I think it's missing is something to vote after the
> packages has been promoted to Extras so that the bad ones can
> be pulled out.
> If the fear is for malicious applications, then there's no way we can
> prevent those from going to Extras no matter how many days
> it's been in Testing.
> (a timer comes to mind).

I'm not really happy with this process either.

There should be some kind of checklist which people go through,
that has items like:

[x] Tested with "htop" + T (to sort output according to Time column)
     to see that application doesn't wakeup on the background and when
     screen is blanked (if the application time column doesn't
     increase during 10 mins).  CPU usage when application is visible,
     but not interacting with the user could also be checked.
     These require ssh connection to the device.

[x] Checked normal application memory usage with mem-monitor
     (from sp-memusage) on a freshly booted device and that it was
     below X MB as required for this class of applications
     (i.e. diff from before app started and when it is running).

[x] Used application for few hours with endurance snapshots (tool
     from sp-endurance package) being taken at regular intervals.
     The report generated from this data didn't show any
     (significant) resource leakage.

Random comments about things working for people are not really
useful if at least someone of them hasn't checked properly also
things that aren't immediately visible to the user (effect on
battery usage and general device stability over longer period
of time etc).

	- Eero
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