[maemo-developers] Fremantle autobuilder stuck?!

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Fri Nov 20 16:34:19 EET 2009
On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 16:29 +0100, Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> Marcell has kicked the builder. The queue got stuck after submitting
> midgard2-core. We do not know the reason what blocked the process, but
> we have to find it out soonish.
> AFAIK Marcell remove midgard2 from the queue, and the builder has
> started building the packages. I will meet Marcell in 30 mins (he is
> offline atm) and will ask him to take a look at the queue again.

Ah ok, so there was something wrong. Not only on my side ;) Thanks for
looking into it!


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