[maemo-developers] Queueing emailer script help

From: Aaron Miller rollermania at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 20 16:47:59 EET 2009
Hello Maemo Gurus,

I am attempting to write a simple python emailer for my N810 that would
inject a message into the existing email system (modest/tinymail?) and allow
the system to queue it and send it when the network is available. That is, I
don't want to do the SMTP handshaking myself and have to wait for network
availability, since this is already built in to the system.

Is there a straightforward way to do this without re-building any internal
libraries?  E.g., if modest had command-line parameters to email via shell
scripts, that would work, but from what I can tell this is not possible. I
was also hoping the python bindings for tinymail might be easily installed
without re-building the tinymail system... is this possible?  Is tinymail
available through python already, but I missed it somewhere?

Or, is there is a clever way to inject my message directly into the mail
directories where it will be picked up and sent out?

Thank you for your ideas and help.

Aaron Miller

Aaron J. Miller, Ph.D.
Department of Physics
328 Palenske Hall
Albion College, Albion, MI 49224

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 9:27 AM, Cornelius Hald <hald at icandy.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> it looks like the Fremantle autobuilder is stuck. I've uploaded
> something in the morning (about 6 hours ago) and it's still not done.
> Also it looks like the queue didn't change at all.
> Could someone please have a look!
> Thanks!
> Conny
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