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Date: Wed Nov 25 13:41:09 EET 2009
> Pymaemo-optify 0.2 has landed Extras (or at least Downloads)
> http://maemo.org/downloads/product/Maemo5/pymaemo-optify/

Yep, Lizardo gave me a heads-up today (to my great astonishment).

> What happened here and how it's even possible?

We have no idea.

The resulting situation is quite awkward because 0.2 is somewhat untested v=
ersion which was pushed accidentally to extras-testing. It should work for =
new installs but WILL break the whole Python installation if the user has 0=
.1 already installed from extras-testing or extras-devel and the user manua=
lly upgrades the package (which, ironically, HAM normally won't do). Lizard=
o has prepared version 0.4 (in extras-devel) which should have both install=
s and upgrades working but the upgrade scenarios aren't yet tested systemat=
ically enough for the new version to be deployed in extras. We now have to =
rush the testing to have something prepared in case 0.2 appears to be broke=
n even for new installs.

I'm leaning on the opinion that we could sit on the current 0.2 version in =
any case, the benefits of having an optified Python version are great enoug=
h and that version was more or less tested for new installs. Lizardo can co=
rrect me if I'm wrong. He can also provide further details if required.

So, while it's extremely nice to finally have an optified Python in extras,=
 next time please verify with the respective team before doing manual promo=
tions of packages.



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