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Date: Wed Nov 25 13:41:09 EET 2009
> 25. Application feature interaction with profiles (general and silent)
> Failed
> #006 Audio from FM radio disappears after changing from General to Silent profile.

Nokia is expecting our apps to comply with a policy that is completely


2009/11/24, Thomas Perl <th.perl at gmail.com>:
> Hello!
> When the N900 is in "silent" mode, music played through playbin2
> using GStreamer is also muted, so one has to switch to the
> "General" profile in order to listen to music. The built-in media
> player is not affected by this, so is there a way to set my playbin2
> to not be muted when the phone has the "silent" profile activated?
> In my case, it's a third-party media player, so the user pretty likely
> wants to listen to music when using it, independent of the selected
> profile (Silent, General).
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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