[maemo-developers] Maemo QA process

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Thu Jul 22 00:55:30 EEST 2010
On Wednesday 21 July 2010 22:53:43 Roman Morawek wrote:
>P.S.: You are welcome to evaluate and vote on my package:

Indeed, the best strategy for developers is to lobby a bit for their 
application. Open a thread on talk.maemo.org . Blog about it. Write to the 
list. I hope the fellow devs won't take this the wrong way, but... this aspect 
is actually a feature, not a bug, as it encourages discussion and 
interaction/community building, not the fully disconnected 'dump in extras' 
and 'download moar apps' approach. Obviously being delayed for months is very 
bad, so we're constantly exploring ways to improve the process, but...

> Maybe an automatic promotion after 4 weeks would make sense, given its
> actual package karma is positive?

...the problem with automatic promotion is that then we don't really have any 
guarantee that what gets to stable has actually been tested - and the testing 
should be at least as much about protecting users from obvious faults as 
providing feedback to developers. If we enable automatic promotion, that 
actually might discourage testing due to the 'why bother, its going to get to 
Extras anyway' factor. 

Note that since not long ago we also have super-testers, people with proven 
track records, it's enough to get three of their votes if your package is 
stuck and you're good to go.

>I personally see my program as very useful - well, otherwise I wouldn't
>have spent the time for development. I assume that just nobody is aware
>of it, since everybody just looks at the available programs in extras.

Even now the problem is not that people are not finding the app, the download 
number tells apps in testing have thousands of downloads - it's the feedback 
that is missing, IMO for two reasons: one, users not accustomed to give 
feedback, and two, the unavailability to give feedback EASILY. This is being 
worked on, but progress is slow, sadly. Ideas (but preferably hands) are 
welcome on improving the process.

PS. And the part I dont understand: we have 25+ apps that are unlocked and not 
being promoted by their respective authors. Orphans ?
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